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Comment: Congratulations on a well-run and slick Sports Day! The kids looked like they were having fun and there was some real talent on display. Loved the parent vs teachers race too.

Response: Thank you for the feedback! We were really proud of all the children across both days - they competed well, cheered on their houses and entered into the spirit of the event.


Comment: Can you please clarify what the school policy is on hair bands and accessories please? I've always thought they need to be school colours and that's what I tell my girls every time they try to wear something different. However everyday they are coming home telling me about friends who have worn something different and it's becoming harder to push back with them. It seems a lot were wearing braids from the school summer fete today too. Would just be great to have some clarity and consistency on this so my daughters don't keep on asking me! Thanks. 

Response: Thank you for getting in touch. The school policy is as outlined on the School Uniform page of the website, as below. When the policy is reviewed we will let you know if there are any changes.  


Hair and Accessories

We expect hair styles to be presentable and smart without being too extreme. Long hair must be tied back for PE. During lesson time, we encourage hair to be tied back so not to hinder learning. Accessories, such as head bands, need to be sensible in appearance and size.