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Ideas for home

Parents always ask what they can do to help their child in this learning process.  You are the primary educator in their lives and always will be… the daily activities you do with them, prepare them for learning. 


Simple things like encouraging self-help skills in terms of dressing and getting their own things together for school help with planning in their school work and developing nimble fingers for writing.  Helping with chores at home like setting the table, cooking and baking, gives them a sense of responsibility and does wonders for maths skills as they count out objects and share out portions.  Research has shown that reading to children – reading to them as well as hearing them read - is the best preparation for all the learning they will do. 


Below are a few website and other ideas that we think you may find useful!



Phonics activities for parents 

  • Epic phonics songs - tricky words and alphabet sound and name. 


Maths songs: 

Quick number recognition 

Singing Walrus - count to 20 

Number bonds to 10 

correlation of numeral and number  


Point out writing and numbers in the environment like signs and shop fronts. Find any opportunity to model writing, whether it’s a shopping list, message for a friend, or even a recipe. Encourage the child to give it a try too, even if it’s still far from perfect.