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Let's Celebrate Our Home Learning

Felicity created her own powerpoint last week on the history of aeroplanes! Great work Felicity, I am impressed that you are using different computer programmes to help you learn at home.

Leila took part in the virtual Brownies sleepover last week, she slept outside all night even in the wind and the rain! She made a camp fire and toated marhsmallows and she completed some craft activities!

Leila has made a great castle as part of DT when we were looking at the story Jack and the Beanstalk!

Jess W has created some amazing art work. She worked hard to design it herself after creating the idea of Guitar Trees. Well done Jess, what super work :)

Felicity's skewer balloon experiment

Still image for this video
Felicity and Hattie had great fun trying the skewer balloon experiment!

Felicity wrote a great ending to the story of what would happen if she had a magic bean, she also has been super creative with some fabric!

Tom has had a busy week at home, here are some photos of his work! He created the ending to the story, a creative piece of art work which represents him, he dissected a flower with his big brother, he wrote all about his favourite animal and researched a scientist!

Felicity has created a poster on the computer all about a scientist. She chose to research Mary Anning and found out all about her life and what she did. Felicity used a computer to create her poster and she made her own text boxes and changed the colour of the font. This is a super effort Felicity!

Lilia has been so busy at home! She has been working through the powerpoints and created her own worry doll, her own chinese fire dragon with a super description and wrote a letter to the caterpillar to say thank you for the shoes. She has also been baking lots of treats.

Tom followed some of the sketching ideas earlier in the week and then felt inspired to create his own piece of artwork aound his name!

Jack has been really busy over the last few weeks! He created his own den, he completed a project all about his favourite animal, a duck. He even wrote a story and then wrote up again in neat! Well done Jack you have been working so hard.

Felicity has created a review of Malary Towers and a non-chronological report on turtles!

Isabel has been super busy at home - She's been writing a diary about The Great Fire of London, making a 'gloopy' science experiment, planting herbs and plants and making healthy snacks!! What a great job :)

Jack has created his very on story! He planned it well and then wrote it up, look how long it is!

Tom has been very busy at home, he has made a solar oven in the garden, he has completed some comprehension activities, he has created his own viking shield and axe and his very own fire engine!

Leila has been very busy at home, she has been enjoying time in the garden and made a bubble snack. She has loved learning about the Great Fire of London and created her own timeline of events and her very own 3D London.

Leo has been handy at home, he has created a bird house and some recycling storage, he has been trying some yoga and he has been sleeping in his tent in his garden every night!

Jessica has made a bug hotel, with a little help from Casey :)

Jack has answered some questions all about the Great Fire of London, all with the help of a four legged friend!

Bear has completed some great learning at home and has been exploring his garden too! He has been planting lettuce, fishing for dragons in the stream, growing pepper plants, growing sunflowers, made a kite and created his own paper boat!

Tom has created a great piece of descriptive writing after watching the pudding lane video. Your sentences are structured well and you use some great adjectives.

Milo has continued looking at the Great Fire of London this week, he has investigated different materials (man - made and not man made) and then designed and created his own boat! He has also been look at Time problems in maths.

What a great story Jack! Jack used the Talk 4 Writing pack and created his own version of the Elves and the shoemaker, he created the Elves and the farmer! I love your characters names and that you have clear capital letters and full stops!

Tom has worked hard on a piece of writing at home, mummy helped with the spellings but the senteces were all Tom's idea's. The sentences are great Tom you have a great imagination!!

Felicity has been busy using the pictures to help her create a piece of descriptive writing all about the Great Fire of London! I love how you described the houses as tumbling down!

Milo has been super busy at home learning all about the Great Fire of London! It looks like you had great fun making your model.

Leila has created a great story all about her tiny dragon - I love how your letters are all joined up and sat on the line! She has also created a great piece of artwork to do with the Great Fire of London.

Tom has created a great piece of art work!

Jack has started his learning on the Great Fire of London what a great piece of art work that you have created!

Logan you have been busy! What a great house you have made that is even burning, and a lovely reading comprehension, I am so impressed with your handwriting, what a great effort!!

Sophie your mum is very lucky to have you at home at the moment. What an amazing chef! Some lovely art and science work done during home learning too. Well done.

Check out Jack's brilliant Little Dragon story. Well done Jack a lot of effort has gone into planning a thoughtful story with a clear beginning, middle and end. I enjoyed this read very much! Also I think your homemade boat is amazing! I hope to see you in the construction business sometime in the future.

What a wonderful story written by the very talented Felicity Dore. Read about this tiny dragon's adventures with Felicity and her friend Tilly! The hiccup part is excellent.

Check out these amazing descriptions of the Snail and the Whale scene that have been sent in....

Well done to Jack for your amazing desription. I love how you describe the lava shooting out of the volcano like an air rifle bullet. A great simile!

Well done Felicity. Lovely use of language and beautifully presented!

An amazing collection of planning work from Milo, building up to a fantastic final description. All the planning for this definitely paid off! Well done Milo.

Tom a beautifully descriptive piece. Excellent effort with your joined up cursive handwriting. Love the accompanying pictures. Well done.

Leila I love your description. You've included some lovely similes as well as great adjectives. Brilliant work. Well done.

Loving some of the Art work too.......Tom your Caribbean snake is fabulous!

Jack your mixed up flying fish creature is amazing! Very inventive.

Lilia this cat is fantastic! He looks very friendly- I'm loving his tail.