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Weekly Update 18/11/2016

As the weather gets colder and wetter please ensure that all children come to school with an appropriate coat. Children without a coat will not be allowed out to play as it is not suitable for a child to just wear a school jumper at playtimes.
Last Saturday, staff from Early Years were joined by some very kind parents to start work on revamping the EYFS outside learning area.   We really do appreciate our parents giving up their free time to help us!
Thank you to:
James (Monty's dad) for sawing our shelves and being super nifty with a screwdriver, (and apologies to his family who had to drag him away to their lunch appointment!)
Anka (Danny's mum) who painted sheds non-stop from 12.15 to 4.15 what a hero!!
Emma and her little helper Edward who gardened all afternoon!
Charles (Lucy's dad) who painted, carried out gardening and became our official plantsman!
Emma and Karl with their helpers Amelia and Sofia who helped make the raised beds in the rain!
Jules and Adam with their helpers Jasper, Arran and Myles (never leave him alone with a chocolate cake!!) who shifted soil and finished off the shelves.
Mr Chignall who brought his power tools and didn't need to go to the gym after shifting so much soil.
And of course the staff who also gave up their free time!
If an arrangement for your child going home at the end of the school day changes please inform the class teacher in writing, a short note will suffice. We have noticed that the number of children going home with friends or different relatives has increased and therefore staff must be aware who the children are being collected by. The school takes Safeguarding extremely seriously and this includes how the children come and go to school.
Please be mindful and respectful of the parking situation (especially for our residents) on neighbouring roads. We understand that it can be difficult to park near the school and we are seriously concerned at the dangerous situations that we have witnessed.  Do not park opposite the yellow zig zags in the morning, it really affects the drop off zone and flow of traffic.  Park sensibly and not across driveways or on corners of the road.   
Disrespectful behaviour towards our neighbours lets both you and the school down.  Please be mindful that this is their home and where they live, they do not deserve to be abused.
For many years, schools have had to have an evacuation procedure in place in the event of a fire - at our school we have held regular fire drills for many years although we have never experienced a serious fire during the school day. Clearly, if there is a fire in the school building, all children know that the building must be evacuated swiftly and safely. 
In order to fulfil our duty of care, it is important to also have in place a procedure that keeps our children safe within the school building.  An example would be:
If there had been a fire elsewhere in the town which had released noxious chemicals into the air or if an intruder had been reported close to the school site. 
In such scenarios, best practice would dictate that children would remain inside the school buildings under staff supervision until we had received formal notification that the situation had passed.  Children will all receive age appropriate guidance and support from the staff that teach and work in their class during a ‘Lockdown’. This practice drill will happen within the next fortnight. For most of our children this is a routine that they are confident with, having practised the procedure last academic year. Like everything that we do within school this is to keep all of the children and adults safe.   
In line with our safeguarding policy, can we remind you that NO parent/carer should be taking children to their classrooms through the main reception. This rule is in place to protect everyone within our school community. 
Sadly Mrs Tennant will not be in school for the next fortnight. She has undergone surgery today and we all wish her a speedy recovery. Mrs Baughan and Mrs Varley will continue to work with all of Year 5. 
Today we wore our PJ's to school to support Children in Need. Thank you to everyone who supported this and to the staff that joined in the fun!  We raised over £130!
On Tuesday 22nd November 2016 we would like to invite you to a meeting 'Where are we now?' The meeting will be at 6.30pm in the main hall and we will be sharing with you how far we’ve come since Ofsted.  We look forward to seeing you there.
Don’t forget that children are not permitted to wear black trousers, skirts, dresses or shorts after we return from the Christmas break.  Our school uniform policy has always been grey skirts, dresses, trousers and shorts!
We hope you have a lovely and peaceful weekend.