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Send us your photos, video messages or news! We will post them all on here so we can stay connected! yes


Bubble A had a busy 2 days this week. The children helped create a 'brand new' reception area for the children starting in September. They were excited to move the mud kitchen and spent a lot of time creating pasta dishes and popcorn and adding mint leaves for a 'spicy' flavour! They were pleased with the new microwave and were fascinated that it still pinged even though it wasn't plugged in! Some of the children made bug houses and went to 'work' at the building site. smiley


There was also lots of lovely role play including: a train station and zoo, a story about a robber who escaped and a police station office complete with a fax machine! Holly was excited to send and receive messages from 'police officers'. Harrison found some strawberries outside and this sparked a discussion about growing and the importance of washing our fruit before we eat it! yes


Looks like Oliver had lots of fun doing the Virtual Sports Day at home! And look at these fabulous scores:

Plank for 33 seconds
Not quite an egg and spoon race - 2 laps
Sit down, stand up = 39
How far can you jump = 128cm
Blindfold balance = 8 seconds

Great job Oliver! yes


Thank you to Jasmine's Mum for sending in this fabulous self-portrait! Great work Jassie, well done! 


This week Bubble B enjoyed reading 'The Last Tree' and making some salt dough tree faces! smiley


This week Bubble A explored capacity by measuring out oats, pasta and Cheerios - the children added the different ingredients to show full, half full and empty containers. They extended their learning by adding water to the ingredients - we discussed how they changed in shape, size and texture! They also took part in the Golden Welly Sports Competition - they practised their balancing, running, jumping and ball skills! Everyone had so much fun that after the competition finished they made their own obstacle course and had a competition of their own! wink


Bubble B have had a great couple of days. They explored the playground after the storm and role played superheroes on a high rise building! They had lots of good ideas on number bonds to 10, and (because Evie May is fascinated by zoos) they did a virtual zoo visit and some craft. smiley

Bubble B, 2nd and 3rd July


Evie B's Mum sent us a clip of Evie reading a story called 'Where were you, Bert?'! Well done Evie, super reading! We've included a snippet of the clip below for everyone to listen to... smiley

Where were you, Bert?

Still image for this video
Read by Evie B :-)


Bubble A had a busy 2 days this week! They looked at the story of the 'Three Little Pigs' and created their own versions by drawing text maps, acting them out and re-telling them to their friends. The children re-told them to Mrs Warner too so she could write them out!

They have also been working hard with their number bonds to 10 and using bricks, straws and sticks to work them out. 

The Three Little Pigs

Still image for this video
Re-told by Ella :-)


Bubble B pictures from last week below! 

On Thursday the group looked at composting and started preparing the outside area to plant some potatoes.  There is lots of great writing going on and the children looked at doubling with the markings on their butterfly paintings.

On Friday they did some amazing storytelling and then watched their videos on the big screen! smiley

Bubble B, 18 and 19 June

Frankie's Story, Part 1

Still image for this video

Frankie's Story, Part 2

Still image for this video


Our Bubble Classes have been keeping busy in the past week, doing some great learning and having fun! 

Last week Bubble B did some amazing maths work with repeating patterns and number formation; they've been making and playing dens, doing lots of role play, and telling stories! Bubble B also had a go at re-telling the story of the Cautious Caterpillar - you can watch the videos below! heart


This week Bubble A have been digging for worms for the wormery and ants for the ant house. They watered the bean and potato plants too. They've done some science (investigating water and what floats and sinks); art (mixing paint in the water to experiment with making different colours and making glitter playdough); maths (doubling numbers by adding spots to ladybirds and counting reliably to find out how many there were altogether). Mrs Purssell also brought Cyril in to visit, he’s a giant African snail that needs lots of water and leaves. At snack time we watched ‘The Snail and the Whale’ and made walkie talkies to talk to all our friends with. Mrs Warner reports that it was an exhausting but fun two days! laugh

Cautious Caterpillar

Still image for this video

Cautious Caterpillar Part 1

Still image for this video

Cautious Caterpillar Part 2.mp4

Still image for this video


Lovely to hear from Francesca and her family this week! They have been very busy decorating Francesca's bedroom with a brand new bed, doing lots of baking and playing in the garden and, of course, some learning too! Well done Francesca, it's lovely to see your smiling face! smiley


Thank you to Rosie and family for sending news over the weekend! Rosie has been measuring the tomato plants each week for a month and next she is going to see which grew the most, least etc. She also made a jigsaw for her baby brother from cardboard and got up early one morning to make bread! smiley


Look at what Ollie and Isla have been up to! Their big brothers Charlie and Ryan set up their own company (C & R) selling plants and vegetables that they have grown from seed, along with artwork, paintings and mini rainbows which Isla and Ollie have been helping with. They are now thinking of expanding and selling water bombs, bird tables, donated books etc. 

They decided to give some of their profits to the Risborough food cupboard which helps local people who are struggling through this pandemic. They decided what to buy and they delivered £15 worth of food to St. Mary’s church. heart They plan to make more money and donate further. The rest of the money is going back into their business to make more things to sell. 

The C&R gang sell their items from Mount Way between 1-3pm every Sunday! Go and check it out - we are very proud of you all! AMAZING! smiley


Bubble A have been enjoying being back at school! This week the children put on a puppet show about caterpillars, butterflies and minibeasts after reading ‘Cautious Caterpillar’ and made a volcano with ‘real’ lava - paint, flour, water and bubbles! 

They also made patterns with buttons and practised writing numbers.

Cautious Caterpillar part 1

Still image for this video

Cautious Caterpillar part 2

Still image for this video


It has been so great to welcome Bubble B to school! The children have had great fun seeing each other again, playing games and enjoying some Maths and English activities! 

Bubble B pictures 05.06.2020


Olivia has sent us a fantastic Crocodile Fact File which we wanted to share with you! Well done for taking up the Crocodile Challenge Olivia, it has definitely WOW-ed us! smiley

Crocodile Fact File, Part 1

Still image for this video
by Olivia

Crocodile Fact File, Part 2

Still image for this video
by Olivia


BABY NEWS!! smiley

We are excited to announce the arrival of Baby Khan! Mikayil (which means God's Angel) was born on Thursday 28th May, weighing in at 7lbs 9oz. Mrs Khan reports that he 'is absolutely beautiful' and all is going well...!

We can't wait to meet him!! heart


Thank you to Ollie and family for sending us their news (and Happy Birthday to Emma for today smiley!)

Ollie has been enjoying reading on Bug Club and doing lots of practical learning things - even incorporating maths into his everyday activities with lots of counting and adding! He and his big brother Charlie have enjoyed being together and they have even had some socially distanced 'visits' to Isla and Brody over their garden fences! 

Ollie has really got into gardening with his Daddy, and has been busy growing sunflowers and vegetables. 

Mum reports that Ollie is missing school and all his friends - and yes, you are right, the EYFS team are all missing the children like crazy! heart


Lovely to hear from Rosie and her family today! 

Rosie has been keeping busy with lots of fun activities - she has had a go at drawing a donkey, following alongside an artist drawing it on an online video. She has also been watching the Maddie Moate 'Let's Go Live' science videos and she made a prehistoric earth and did a blind taste testing game with her Dad, about taste buds. And she's been trying out the Oak Academy maths classes. Fantastic job Rosie, keep it up! heart


Oscar's Mum has sent us in a piece of his writing - she is very proud of him, and we are too! Well done Oscar! yes


We have had some more news from Olivia, who has been really busy with lots of pirate-themed activities, including designing treasure maps and making a compass (you even found North with a magnetised needle - well done Daddy!), making ocean bottles (they are beautiful!), sharing treasure and walking the plank! 


She has also been doing some activities around The Very Hungry Caterpillar, celebrating VE Day with a picnic in the garden and enjoying the Talk4Writing activities. Wow, Olivia, we are impressed! Thank you for sharing your news and sending us your pictures! Keep smiling smiley


Mrs Clark has been busy in the kitchen again - this time making mini pizzas! Why not have a go? Let us know how you get on! smiley

Cook with Clark

Still image for this video
Mini Pizzas!


We have had another message from Oliver and his family - thank you for getting in touch! 

Oliver wanted to share a picture of an amazing train set he has built at home - looks like so much fun! He has also been busy making his very own alphablocks - fantastic Oliver, this will help you with your phonics so much! 


Keep the news and pictures coming everyone, we love to hear from you!


Lovely to also hear from Oscar and his family smiley!


Oscar has been doing lots of school work and Mum has been super proud of him. He has been practicing his handwriting, reading and phonics including tricky words. They have also been renovating the garden with a play area at the end of the garden and Oscar helped paint the playhouse and dig trenches for sleepers to lie in, before the all important chance to play cafes in it with his brother. They have been enjoying lots of family time including planting seeds in the garden, baking, bike rides and watching movies together. He is also excited to report that he is going to be getting a baby cousin - he is hoping it's a boy! 

Oscar is desperately missing all his friends and teachers at school and cant wait to be back at school - we hope it's not too much longer too Oscar! Thank you for getting in touch x


Max and his family have been in touch! Looks like Max has been keeping himself very busy and active, including taking part in a scavenger hunt, baking, rocket artwork and digging a vegetable patch - well done Max! yes


More news this morning from Olivia and family - thank you for getting in touch!

Olivia has been doing lots of learning about 'space' - she loved reading Whatever Next and has had lots of adventures to the Moon, dressing up as an owl to act out the story and writing a lovely story map!

The whole family has had lots of fun with the glitter and paint, making space pictures and galaxy playdough; and made rockets to Zoom, Zoom, Zoom to the moon! Olivia has also enjoyed finding out about the planets and making her own solar system! She made an alien and described him... he talked in lots of "alien" ar words!!

Fantastic Olivia, we love the way you have found lots of different activies to bring your space learning to life! smiley


Thank you to Holly and family for getting in touch - it sounds like you've been keeping really busy Holly!


Mum reports that they have been enjoying daily walks, mainly to Prytle Springs in the nearby fields; Holly has even been paddling there! Holly has new roller boots and she and her big sister have been playing in their paddling pool. She has also done some baking and been a big help around the house! yes

Holly has been working though her home learning pack and her key words and especially likes the game where you roll the dice then have to read the word you land on. She has also been doing Maths and some reading.  

And, if that isn't enough, she's also lost her first tooth (hope the tooth fairy found you...) and had a Mummy-haircut!

Fantastic to hear from you Holly! We love the photos! smiley



It was lovely to have an email from Edward and his family yesterday - a big hello to you too Edward! smiley


Edward has been spending his time, crafting, baking, drawing and writing. He is putting together an alphabet book, (a page a day with a different letter each day and pictures of things beginning with that letter) most recently he has done: E, F and G. The pictures have included a self-portrait, a picture of Freddie, his brother George and H for Harrison, of course - and a hat! We can't wait to see the book Edward, keep going!! The whole family has also been enjoying lots of fresh air walking in the woods and playing in the garden. 


Remember the beans that we planted with Mr Brown in the Autumn Term? Look at how they've grown...


Mrs Clark has been busy creating in her kitchen - and wanted to share with you! Enjoy! smiley

Banana Fritters!

Still image for this video


Thank you to Scarlett and her family for getting in touch - it's lovely to hear what you've been up to!


Mum reports that Scarlett is missing school, her teachers and friends very much! They have been going for lots of walks in the fields and woods in Princes Risborough and this has been Scarlett's favourite thing! She has also had fun with an Easter egg hunt at home, doing lots of home learning and having fun adventures on their walks! Scarlett has just recovered from chicken pox which she got about a week into lock down - we hope you are feeling better Scarlett!


Mrs Clark has been feeding the butterflies with sweet sugary nectar, strawberries and bananas - and now they are ready to be released into the wild! Take a look...!! heart

Butterflies released.mp4

Still image for this video


Sadly the school closed before the Town Council was able to hang all our lovely Easter Chicks onto the trees around Princes Risborough. However - Mrs Clark took some home with her and has been decorating trees during her daily exercise walk. Perhaps you have spotted some of them...?


We have baby butterflies!! Two have emerged from their pupa - we hope you enjoy this little video courtesy of Mrs Clark (with the sounds of her children playing Twister in the background! wink)! Hope you are enjoying the sunshine! heart


Still image for this video


Mrs Clark is busy at home looking after our caterpillars as they transform into butterflies... This is how they are looking today! 

Learn more about the life cycle of the butterfly, here!


Thank you to the Shapland family for getting in touch! 


Mum reports that Oliver is having lots of fun at home. He is particularly enjoying playing with his train set and lots of the toys from his birthday - thank you everyone!!!

Oliver has been playing in the garden when he can - football, scooting, rock digging, bubbles and the stomp rocket. He has also taught Mum the 'traffic light game' (red, amber, green) from our PE lessons too. He and Harry helped to decorate their bedroom and have been having fun camping on the floor and in a den.

Oliver has also been practicing his letters and words writing about the trains and labelling some of his train set, and has had lots of fun building with different shapes. He has even made up a game show - Is it "b for bus or d for duck?" We love the sound of this Oliver, bs and ds are so easy to muddle! smiley



Thank you to Ruby and family who have shared some photos of what she has been up to in the past week and a half. Ruby, it looks like you have been doing some of Mrs Zucchi's Challenge Cards too. yes


We have loved hearing what Freddie and Olivia have been up to in the last week!


Last week, while the weather was so good, Freddie spent a lot of time in the garden, doing some pruning, looking for bugs and collecting things for a den. Also lots of time on the trampoline and playing football! He's done lots of reading and has been getting through some of the numbers and writing sheets, as well as practising writing some of the high frequency words. He also spent time last week creating his own superhero, Pants Guy, which has led to him thinking about different characters and their super powers. We can't wait to hear more about Pants Guy in the coming weeks Freddie! Fantastic work!  

Olivia has enjoyed learning about halving using Jelly tots (and, Mum reports, she got very good at sharing them equally when it came to eating them!). She also enjoyed the What the Ladybird Heard Kim's Game, and has been doing lots of Mrs Zucchi's Challenge Cards. She's also been keeping busy writing stories and drawing! Wonderful Olivia, keep up the great work! 


This week Rosie and her family have been making 2D and 3D shapes out of playdoh and cocktail sticks, and doing the CVC activity sheets.

Great work Rosie - and thank you for sharing your news! smileyyes

24/03/2020 Shape hunt! Great work Olivia :-)

24/03/2020 Staff keeping active - and sharing ideas...