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Pupil Work

The Present - A Story By Georgina

A Kenning by Freddie


Can you guess the profession I am describing?


A ball smasher

A water guzzler

A racket swinger

A towel wringer

A net rusher

An enemy crusher

A crowd pleaser

A fan teaser

A court performer

A sweatband soaker

A line caller

A match winner

An energy maker

A string breaker

A point taker

A physical mover

A tactical thinker

A trophy collector

A champion protector

A grand slam conqueror



Lucy has done some amazing work around her topic - recreating a Viking house and Saxon settlement - Well done!

Congratulations to Luke for his yellow belt!

Ben's Brilliant Viking/Jorvik House

Casey's Amazing Viking Longboat and Raid Diorama

Josh's Cake - This Week's Star Baker!

Work from Olivia and Georgina - Well done for winning your Blue Peter badges!

On this page we will show off some of the work children have completed at home and sent us pictures of.

Charlie and Ryan - in business to raise money for charities!

Anglo-Saxon Hoard - by Thea