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Princes Risborough Primary School

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'Reading is a passport to countless adventures.'

Mary Pope Osborne



At Princes Risborough Primary School we are passionate about ensuring all children become confident and enthusiastic readers and writers. We believe that Phonics provides the foundation in supporting children to develop the skills in order for this to become achievable.


Phonics is taught across the school using the Letters and Sounds scheme, which includes the systematic coverage of phonological awareness, oral blending in connection with speaking and listening skills and sight vocabulary. We aim for all of the children to actively participate in Phonics through a variety of activities that promote the use of using letter sounds, patterns and rules. We strive for all children to enjoy using ‘Letters and Sounds’, and become familiar with the skills needed to be able to work independently. The teaching of Phonics is fast-paced, and filled with fun activities, such as singing, rapping, word hunting and Phonics games. We encourage the children to take ownership of their learning by using their environment and resources to support and deepen their thinking.


Using the ‘Letters and Sounds’ scheme our children will be taught to:

· Read easily and fluently, with a good understanding.

· Write clearly, accurately and coherently.

· Develop a love of reading, exploring information texts and reading for pleasure.


We passionately believe that teaching our children to read and write is imperative to moving forward in life. Our intent is for every child to be motivated to read and write, providing them with fundamental skills that will have a huge impact on their self-esteem and provide opportunities to become independent learners.