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Hattie's AWESOME dominoes!

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My report from Jake and Claire!

Heather has gone up karate belts. Not one but TWO belts!!! It must have been all her Maths learning that has helped too!

Lovely Science learning Fran!

Fantastic Maths Jamie!

Super Science Nathan!

Beth has been using all her resilience to complete her learning! I wouldn't mind a nibble on one of those biscuits!

Lily's Malteser Challenge! Go Lily!

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Hattie's tabernacle of her special place. I wonder if anyone can guess what animal she might have in it!?

Can anyone beat Hattie? This is AWESOME!

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Oh my goodness! Fran has been working very hard!

What can I say? Look at these strawberry with chocolate cookies. YUMMY.........YUMMY...........YUMMY! Well done Lucas!

Maddie has written a fantastic version of Michael Rosen's poem "These are the Hands":

These are the hands
These are the hands that scrubbed your face
That built the shed
That made the bed
That took you someplace
These are the hands that printed your work
That did things gaily
That hugged you daily
That never ever shirked
These are the hands that comfort you
That help when you're sad
That make sure you're glad
That will ALWAYS be there for you.

Anyone fancy one of Hattie's Potion Cakes!?

Fran has had a busy week. Completing some wizard maths and science tests!

Would you like to go to Edward's rather explosive Wizard School?

Poetry from the Wonderful Wizarding World!

Mmmm.....Chocolate and strawberry shortbread!

Peter's attempt at the Malteser challenge!

Wizard Poetry Hattie!

Fran has completed some Wizard Poetry!

Minnie has written a lovely poem about 2020

Tom's Wizard School Advert!

Whose eggs are these?

Which hotel would you like to stay at?

Edward's Wizarding Top Trumps. Apparently they have been cursed so that Edward always wins!

Minute to Win it!

Would you like to stay at Pig-Warts Wizard Hotel?

I wonder what dreams Leah has caught......

Evie has written a story start reflecting personal strength and friendship when all is not great!

Leah working hard at her science!

Who is Fiona Fille de Feu!?

Jamie's Sinbad Story

Nathan's Sinbad Story

Well Done Beth!

Beth has been learning all about rounding money!

Beth and the Sox Fox!

Hattie's story summary

YUM! Lucas's strawberry learning!

Sinbad story summary by Leah

Who is this beautiful Greek lady?

Hattie's learning on the reproduction of a flowering plant. Hattie has been able to cut and past photos into a word document.

Lucas has been growing strawberries! Delicious!

Beautiful Andy Warhol artwork by Leah

A fantastic wanted poster by Leah!

Macavity has been up to tricks in Princes Risborough! by Edward

Wanted Macavity by Hattie!

Claire's pan pipes made from straws!

Claire has been growing some salad crops. Can you name thee different vegetables?

Kangaroos Dojo Prizes!

Edward has been 'tuning' glasses of water. Can you identify the tune he is playing?

Edward's flower dissection! I can see you watched the video carefully Edward!

Hattie has been learning about the parts of a flower in science. She has spelt the words very carefully!

Lily has been perfecting her kayaking skills in the holidays! Go Lily!

Beth has been writing using parenthesis!

Tom has made a power point on our learning about plants this morning and has written a short story about 'Eric'

Peter has made a Creeper! Who guessed right?

Super non-fiction writing by Josh about turtles!

Josh has been writing about different animals.

Beth has been using fabulous metaphor!