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Ananse The Spider Stories - From Our Home Learning


From Oliver, Year 4


Ananse the Spider and the Golden Eggs

One sunny day, Ananse the spider was making a stew. He wanted a golden egg in his stew from the magical bird who lives at the top of the clouds. Ananse asked his friend bird for 8 of his feathers so he could fly up into the sky and get an egg. In return he would get him a golden egg. Bird agreed so Ananse grabbed the feathers.

Holding a feather in each hand, Ananse vigorously flapped his hands. He almost took off from the floor so he flapped harder and was soon zooming through the sky.

Before long, Ananse was at the top of the clouds where he saw 8 golden eggs in a nest. Ananse wanted all of them even though he only needed 2. He flew on top of the nest before he grabbed all of the eggs. Struggling to hold an egg and a feather in each hand Ananse tried to fly back down. In the blink of 8 eyes, because spiders have 8 eyes he dropped all the eggs and feathers and fell to the ground. All the eggs landed around him in a circle before they smashed into small pieces.

Bird was sad because he had given away all his feathers to Ananse and didn’t get the golden egg for them. Ananse learnt not to be so greedy in the future.