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Teachers time at home!

What a lovely half term of sunshine! I completed another May challenge and ran 65 miles! My vegetables have started to grow, I have been walking in the fields, I enjoyed a virtual concert with Take That, and Trixie has been doing a lot of sleeping whilst I have been sitting in the garden!

What a busy weekend I have had! I finished my challenge of walking 100km in May and planted some vegetable seeds in my new grow house.

Trixie is recovering from her operation this weekend - she has to wear a cone of shame to stop her licking the stitches and she is sleeping a lot - and I went for a walk to kickstart my challenge of walking 100km in May!!

Trixie is a little bit poorly so she's off to the hospital for the night.. keep your fingers crossed for her :)

Mrs Warner's potato is ready to plant..hopefully it wont be too long until we have a crop of potatoes!

Miss Bacon has been busy at home during her evenings, there is a huge 150cm blanket for my mum and some eco dishcloths. I have also completed this 1000 piece puzzle which took some time to do!

I celebrated my birthday yesterday - you can still have fun in lockdown, despite loosing at the quiz! :)

Thank you so much for writing to me Demi and Eliza, I have written back :)

My Easter holidays... lots of walking, tidying my cupboard, making juice and growing vegetables :)

Thank you Ava for your letter here is my letter to you.

Miss Bacon has been busy at home building some Lego and baking cakes this weekend.

Trixie isn't sure of the poster on the door!

Still image for this video

Mrs Warner created 'thanks' for the key workers :) - can you make some thank you posters and share them with us?

Thank you Olivia for my letter - I have written back :)

Whilst I am working, the animals play 'hide and seek'!

Last night Mrs Warner was busy making a 3d puzzle and joining friends online for bingo and a quiz :)

Mrs Warner has been busy writing letters back to children in Lynx.

Mrs Warner's weekend - a windy walk and a duvet day!

Miss Bacon is settling into her new home and when shes not working shes enjoying reading :)

My family set some challenges over face time - we had to make a hat and a puppet - here they are... can you make some and share with us?

I saw some lovey daffodils whilst out on my daily run - Spring is officially here!

When not working Mrs Steven's is keeping busy being creative with flower arranging, relaxing with a spot of yoga and getting active on Just Dance.

A nice break from work in the sunshine yesterday - met some Shetland ponies and stayed a safe distance from my dad :)

I am working at home just like you!

Taking a break with Trixie and found a little caterpillar

Time for PE!

Good Morning Year 1 :)

Mrs Warner is learning to cook in the evenings!

Miss Bacon is preparing for a new little family member :)

Miss Bacon colours her way to a healthy mind :)

Weekend fun!

Mrs Warners' weekend walk with Trixie!

Miss Bacon is moving house!

Miss Bacon is busy spending the weekend moving!