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Who's Who in Early Years

Picture 1 Mrs Baughan. Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs Howlett. Deputy Headteacher
Picture 1 Mrs Haydon. EYFS Phase Leader and Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs Zucchi. Teacher
Picture 1 Mrs Purssell. Nursery Keyworker
Picture 2 Mrs Clark. Teaching Assistant
Picture 1 Mr Jackson, Sports Co-ordinator
Picture 2 Mr Harris, Sports Co-ordinator
Picture 1 Mrs Brightman. Office Manager
Picture 2 Miss Mendes. School Business Manager
Picture 3 Miss Miles. Admin Officer & Receptionist
Picture 4 Mrs Doughty. Finance Officer & Receptionist
Picture 1 Breakfast Club & School Meals Supervisor
Picture 2 Breakfast Club & School Meals Supervisor
Picture 3 School Meals Supervisor
Picture 4 Midday Supervisor
Picture 5 Midday Supervisor