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Year 1/2

Welcome to our classes of 2020 - 2021

The KS1 team would like to say a big 'hello' to all of the children and their families in Class 1, Class 2A and Class 2B and say a huge 'well done' for settling so quickly back into school. We have had a great week in English innovating our text map 'Jelly on the plate'. Class 1 have been orally composing lots of ideas and performing their innovated texts. Class 2A and 2B have been innovating the text by changing the nouns and adjectives. They have been writing each verse too, using their best handwriting and punctuation. 

In Maths the children in year 1 have been counting reliably and representing numbers up to 10 in different ways. Both Y2 classes have been adding numbers, using either concrete objects or pictorial representations. They have also been working hard on presenting their work neatly and writing each digit in a square.

Everyone in KS1 has been reading lots of poems and identifying the rhyming words and any other patterns they found. In Phonics Class 1 have started Phase 3 and Class 2A and 2B have started Phase 5 - everyone has enjoyed reading lots of real and alien words and making up silly sentences! 

There has been some wonderfully messy experiments in the afternoons in Class 1, lots of predictions and 'wondering why' moments. Class 2A and 2B have been exploring the difference between living things and the dead, with a discussion on 'extinct'. It has been a super start to the term! 


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Take Care,

Mrs Warmer, Mr Harris and Miss Durrant :)

Welcome to KS1