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Year 3/4

Update – For Monday 13th July

Dear parents,

   Welcome to the final week of guided home learning. Well done to all of you who have been logging on to complete a range of lessons this half term. We have greatly enjoyed receiving and sharing the work you have sent in for us to see. 

   This week, English lessons are free choice. Each teacher has designed a lesson based upon their own interests. Feel free to choose a different lesson each day in any order. Maths this week takes the form of 5 review lessons designed to revisit a few tricky areas of the curriculum.

(14.07.20 - New 'Thinkuknow' online safety lesson has been added below - a great resource for families)

   Today our class novel is finished on Youtube, and please join me in sending Mrs Guerin a big thank you for reading our final chapter.

   Thank you to all of the parents for your hard work and dedication during these exceptional times. We very much look forward to seeing the children in September.

    We hope you have a good week and a great summer,

Mr Jackson and the LKS2 team.





Virtual Sports Day - Taking Place Wednesday 8th July

The Y3/4 Read-along

Join us every week for a chapter of our new class novel, The Firework Maker's Daughter, by Philip Pullman.

Chapter 1 is brought to you by Mr D, available at: 

Chapter 2 as read by Mr A Jackson is available at:

Chapter 3 as read by Mr L Jackson - apologies for the terrible resolution, my home recording studio is ancient!

Chapter 4 - as read by Miss Axford -

Chapter 5 - as read by Mrs Guerin -

Chapter 6 - as read by Mrs Welsh

Chapter 7 - as read by Guerin


NEW! Mr Wardle reads Jack and the Beanstalk - by Roald Dahl


Summer Term Topic Home Learning

Times Tables Test - Daily Tests Now Available on Daily Pages

Talk4Write English Units of Work

T4W have very kindly made the following units available for download by parents. These particular units are highly recommended resources designed for a home schooling context.

'Making up Stories' and 'League of Locusts' are two activities which could be completed in a day.

PSHE Lessons in money sense - created by Experian

Dear parents,

Please follow the link to find a great interactive resource which is deep and richly detailed. It is aimed at teaching 'money sense' which is a component of the PSHE curriculum. The link will  show a map of a fictional town, with stories, games and puzzles which aim to educate children about things like pay packets, bank accounts, pocket money, and moral decisions.

Please spend some time exploring this fantastic free resource. 

Scratch IT Coding Skills


As part of the computing curriculum, your child should already be familiar with the Scratch coding software. What is great about Scratch as a learning resource is that it can be operated on your web browser without a login or subscription.

Your child will have had a number of formal lessons using this software to program and code animations and simple games.

By using the tutorials in the link your child can take their learning further. The tutorial plays as a window inside the coding area and has a short video, and arrows at the side which break down the instructions into simple stages.

This resource is great for learner exploration and free thinking skills. We hope your child enjoys it.