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YOUR time at home!

Benji has been super busy at home creating a new character for his story that he wrote with his mum. His new character is called 'The Nijerbread Man'. Benji made a model of him for us all to see. Super work Benji :)

Eliza has been practising blowing up balloons, what a great talent!

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Eliza has been practising her gymnastics at home :)

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Eliza has created a beautiful piece of art work, this is her cat 'Pixi'. Well done Eliza, this is brilliant :)

Benji enjoyed his home learning this week - he looked at the different layers of the sea, hatched sea creatures from an ice burg and watched turtle and shark feeding with his sister Hollie. What a super week for 'World Ocean Day' :)

Benji has been doing some shared writing with his mum and wrote a fantastic story about an alien. He used some lovely language and his writing is very neat too. Well done :)

Group B bubble had a great time in school learning all about Andy Goldsworthy, we then went and created our own masterpieces using natural resources.

Will is getting a new puppy! He has written a list of the items he will need, and also wrote a story - in the style of a comic - all about what would happen to Maggie the dog. Will was super clever and pretended to be Maggie when he wrote his ideas, he also drew some pictures too! I am super impressed with your writing Will - well done :) I look forward to seeing some photo's of Maggie soon :)

Luke has been busy learning about the Vikings and Anglo Saxons with his sister Alice. He has made some Viking ruins which say Luke, some counters and a Saxon brooch.

Scarlett has been busy at home she has written me a letter. What super handwriting!

Benji has been busy writing me a letter, creating a 'Great Fire of London' poster and made posters to collect for the 'One Can' trust. Benji and his family collected and then delivered their first load last week. Benji has also been keeping a tally chart about what they collected :)

Benji has been busy junk modelling and created a new friend called 'Box'. He challenged himself to write about 'Box' too. What super work Benji, Well done :)

Ellyn celebrated her birthday in lock down. She is now a very happy 6 year old :)

Eric has been bust creating his own version of 'Lost and Found' - I love how helpful Bewdew was in your story :) Fab writing Eric - well done :)

Harry has created his very own Samuel Pepys diary! This is great Harry, I love that you have tea stained your paper to make it look old.

Jasmine has been busy sequencing the events of the 'Great Fire of London' and worked with her brother and sister to create the city of London - Well done Jasmine, your houses look amazing!

Eric has been busy making a magpie nest using natural materials to represent each part. He has neatly labelled his pictures to describe the resources he has used. Well done Eric, what a super imagination you have :)

Eric celebrated his birthday last week with his family. He wrote a letter explaining about all the fun he had. What super writing Eric! I will write a letter to you this week, look out for it on the class pages :)

Harry has been enjoying learning about the Great Fire of London, he has also been learning to tell the time and learning all about money by setting up his own cafe, he read the story 'Were going on a bear hunt' he then created his own story board..

Ellyn has had lots of fun learning about the 'Great Fire of London'. She has completed a time line of events, made some bread and built St.Pauls Cathedral using marshmallows and spaghetti. With a grown up she made houses and set them on fire! Ellyn used a bucket of water to put it out safely. If that wasnt enough, Ellyn then created some art work using paint. What a busy time at home you are having! Well done Ellyn for some super learning :)

Scarlett has made her very own Scarlet Macaw!

We have had a letter from Tobias!! I wonder if you can write back to him? Email them to me and I will pass them on. I am going to write one too :)

Demi made Mrs Warner a birthday card - thank you so much :)

Luke has created his own Haiku all about Victoria Sponge cake!!

Jemima has been busy reading 'Whatever Next', making her own rocket and writing her own version of the story - WOW lots of lovely home learning :)

Eliza has made Trixie a get well card - thank you so much, it is amazing :)

Colt has been so busy at home! He has been gardening, baking, reading, lots of home learning, enjoying the sunshine and playing with his little sister! It looks like great fun Colt!

Ava has worked hard with her phonics this week. She has also created a recreation of the Great Fire of London! It looks amazing Ava!!

Amelie has started looking at the Great Fire of London and has recreated London using Lego! It looks like Darcey wanted to help too!

Demi has been busy at home - she has baked some cakes that look delicious and wrote me a lovely letter - I am impressed with your writing and spelling, I love the picture too! Well done :)

Amelie has been so busy at home these last few weeks, she has been on a walk, been creative and she has been working hard with her phonics and writing, great work!

Eliza has been busy over the holidays.. she has been walking in the woods, created some lovely art work and wrote me a letter - I am super impressed with you handwriting!

Ava has written me a letter, look at her writing and sitting those letters on the line! I will write a letter back Ava and it will be under the teacher's photo page.

Jemima has been so busy at home! She has done some great writing and carried out a science experiment, she predicted which coins would float first in her boat and then carried out the investigation.

Olivia has been super busy at home - letter writing (and what great handwriting!) getting creative with paper and doing some planting :)

Ellyn wrote me a letter - what super handwriting :) Well done!

Jemima is getting 'hands on' in Science and making a '3 material monster' - scary stuff!!

Benji (and Hollie) are doing their morning exercises with Andy :)

Scarlett has been going out for her daily exercise, she has enjoyed exploring the woods.

Scarlett has been creative at home and used different materials to build a palace for her pet rats!

Will sent me a letter and what great writing he has! Well done Will :)

Ellyn has been baking cakes - she weighed the ingredients and did a 'write up' of her cooking afterwards

Ellyn found some nature in her garden to create a collage :)

Home learning has begun for Jemima :) well done for staying a safe 2 metres away on your rainbow walk :)