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''Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.''

Daniel Bell



At Princes Risborough Primary School, computing reflects the curriculum intent of the school, in that it is stimulating, engaging, fosters curiosity, and is knowledge rich and skills based.


We believe that computing is an essential skill required to prepare our learners for their future studies and also their future lives in an ever-changing modern world. We believe that computing should be an inspiring and engaging subject which promotes excellent digital literacy and helps children to use technology safely and responsibly. We want our children to be active users of technology, working with it creatively, rather than in the manner of a passive consumer, and also recognise what constitutes a healthy and appropriate relationship with it.


Computing at Princes Risborough Primary School provides opportunities to enhance learning in other subjects across the curriculum by using and developing skills such as internet research and information presentation. Computing is taught using a progression of skills framework from EYFS to Key Stage 2 and this allows learners to become more and more proficient in all of the key strands of the computing curriculum, to deepen their understanding and to improve their application of skills throughout their journey through the school and beyond.


Progression Documents