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'You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.'

Maya Angelou

'I love learning to play the trumpets in class - you learn new things all the time' - Amelie

*Please note that we are currently in the process of reviewing and updating our curriculum progression documents - finalised versions will appear soon.*



At Princes Risborough Primary School, we firmly believe that music gives all children the opportunity to express themselves creatively and with imagination.  It is an integral part of all cultures and opens up an avenue for cross-curricular learning whilst providing the opportunity to bring a topic to life. We strive to inspire a love of music, promote understanding and give children the ability and confidence to make and perform music.




Music is taught each week as a discrete subject but also across the curriculum within all subjects as a way of maximising learning strategies e.g. traditional song as part of history-based ‘Discover’ Topic lessons.

Children are introduced to a wide variety of genres and learn how they fit in to the history of music. Pupils are taught the basics of staff notation and also learn about music theory. Pupils sing every week and are encouraged to learn many of the songs from memory. Simple harmonies are taught using warm up songs. All pupils in Years 3 and 4 are given the opportunity to learn an instrument in school via a visiting music teacher and there are opportunities to perform throughout the year in a range of settings.

A progressive approach is taken and children learn to listen, understand, compose and play music from EYFS upwards, with skills and knowledge increasing sequentially year on year.

We take a very practical approach to the learning and children will sing and/or play instruments in every music lesson and whole school music opportunities are offered in assemblies. Whole class practical musicianship is taught in music lessons throughout Key Stage 1 (classroom percussion) and Key Stage 2 (trumpet, classroom percussion).

We also use IT within the music classroom and on stage to aid music making, composition, production and performance.

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children have the opportunity to take lessons in a wide range of instruments if they wish. These lessons are delivered during school time by privately hired peripatetic specialist music teachers. Pupils have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular music sessions during lunchtime and before/after school groups (choir, drumming, orchestra).

Strong community links provide opportunity for performance in ensembles, community choirs (large and small) together with participation in local events e.g. Risborough Festival. Princes Risborough Primary School has a very popular Choir and Orchestra which are open to all pupils, regardless of standard. The choir performs at various community events and Year 5 children perform at the Royal Albert Hall every two years.




At Princes Risborough Primary School, enjoyment of music is paramount. We believe that music promotes self-confidence, aids wellbeing and creates a sense of achievement for all pupils. Our pupils enjoy composing, performing, singing and listening to a wide range of music.

Through music lessons, the children are encouraged to explore, identify and build on their own areas of strength within the subject. Music lessons also allow the pupils to learn life skills such as developing and expressing their own opinions and working and collaborating with others.

Our pupils are taught the skills to be able to perform confidently whilst being able to develop their knowledge by analysing and developing as performers. Pupils leave Princes Risborough Primary School with a wide range of performance skills, are able to identify and apply these skills to other subject areas, and with the foundations to enable a life-long love of music.

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