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'It is exercise alone that supports the spirit and keeps the mind in vigour.'

Marcus Tullius Cicero

'I love PE - we learn lots and it keeps us fit' - Ava

*Please note that we are currently in the process of reviewing and updating our curriculum progression documents - finalised versions will appear soon.*



Our ambitious Physical Education provision aims to give all children an enjoyable, engaging experience of physical activity, developing their physical, cognitive and social skills. Our curriculum also assists children as they develop their knowledge, skills and vocabulary to prepare them for secondary school and a lifetime engagement with physical activity. Furthermore, our PE curriculum challenges all pupils, enabling them to reach their potential and achieve their personal best.

Our curriculum has been developed in collaboration with pupils from our Sports Council, taking their views into account. This enables us to place our pupils at the heart of our PE curriculum. We strive to offer a high-quality PE curriculum that allows children to succeed and excel, whilst also providing an opportunity to develop their health, fitness and wellbeing. Our PE curriculum aims to provide every child with a positive experience of physical activity, which will inspire them to participate in sports, recreationally or competitively, in the future.





Our Physical Education subject leaders have designed our own curriculum to be delivered to the children. Our original curriculum has been based around our experiences of Physical Education, while also considering pupil voice around our offering. Every child receives two hours of Physical Education each week as part of our high-quality curriculum. One hour of this is delivered by our specialist sports coach, and the other by either the sports coach or the class teacher. Pupil experiences are always at the forefront of our curriculum, giving them the opportunity to develop a range of movements and skills, both fundamental and sport-specific.

Our curriculum delivery has been planned in such a way to support external events in the elite world (e.g. World Cups in sports or other festivals), the seasonality of that sport, the facilities available to us and the weather. We ensure differentiation is incorporated into our curriculum to ensure accessibility for all of our students. Our curriculum is carefully sequenced and progresses in such a way as to allow children to apply their previous knowledge and experiences to further achieve and realise their potential. Topics delivered range from fundamental skills – which allow the pupils to develop agility, balance and co-ordination skills – to more specific sport units such as net and wall, striking and fielding, invasion games, gymnastics, dance and athletics. We always aim to emphasise the value of a healthy and active lifestyle, and our curriculum is structured to promote lifelong activity post-education. The curriculum promotes challenge, perseverance and teamwork in developing children’s physical, cognitive and social skills. We also ensure there is an offering of outdoor adventurous activities within our curriculum. Our swimming provision is offered to Year 3 and 4 pupils at the local leisure centre and is led by their staff.  This allows for smaller groups and more personalised teaching to take place.

Children in Years 5 and 6 are given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through our team games and leadership skills unit. We aim to put a focus on preparing children for the next stage of their learning journey, while developing the necessary skills to be confident leaders. Children then have an opportunity to develop their leadership and communication skills further by becoming a Sports Leader. These individuals have a responsibility of encouraging younger pupils to participate in games at breaktimes and lunchtimes. Those children selected will be role-models for other pupils in the school.

We have also developed our own method of assessment for our curriculum. To further match our progressive curriculum our assessment is formulated in a stepped manner to portray the development and effectiveness of delivery. We use this to ensure that children are making adequate progress, and are being given the opportunities to realise their full potential within Physical Education.

Our school sport provision is supported through a variety of clubs before and after school. Our clubs are organised in such a way as to ensure children are confident in participating competitively in fixtures. In order to prepare our Year 6 cohort for the next stage of their education, we enter a competitive football league for them to demonstrate their learning, and compete with other schools. By participating in fixtures, clubs and representing the school, we develop the next generation of athletes and good citizens who lead healthy lives. We look to ensure every child has an opportunity to represent the school in a fixture each year from Years 3 to 6, should they wish to.




At Princes Risborough Primary School, we motivate children to participate in a variety of sports, exploring their interests. We ensure that activities are engaging and fun, allowing them to utilise the skills and knowledge acquired to lead a happy and healthy life. Our assessment template portrays the effectiveness of our curriculum, with children demonstrating progress in their physical, cognitive and social skills. Children also demonstrate a knowledge of the components of a healthy lifestyle, recognising physical activity as playing an important part in this.

We also ensure that children are well prepared for their journeys into their sporting futures, as well as the next stage of their education. We maximise opportunities for children to ensure they have the confidence to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. We regularly ensure that children are aware of external providers in the local area to allow children to further participate in activities beyond our own provision.



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