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Comment: Please can you confirm if years 3 and 4 are required to wear ties from September 2019 and if so can we purchase them now? Also a red knitted v-neck jumper might be a nice addition to the school uniform so the ties can be seen and also not as hot as the sweatshirts.

Response: Governors decided at a recent marketing meeting that the Year 3 and 4 ties should remain optional and not become compulsory. Should your child like to wear a tie they are available from our clothing supplier PL SchoolWear for £6.50. Miss Miles also has a small number at reception which can be purchased via school gateway.


There is a v-neck sweatshirt jumper to wear with the ties, instead of the round neck. There are currently no plans for a knitted version, but this is something we can speak to the supplier about. We will let you know via the weekly update if there are any further changes. 



Comment: Can you please tell us the results of the homework trial that ran last half term?  In my view the alternative format was so much better and more beneficial, and should not only be continued in Year 5 but also be used in Year 3 and Year 4.

Response:The trial homework period has now ended for Year 5. It was always only going to last for the first half of the summer term to allow Mr Battye to complete a short study of how parents and pupils feel towards home learning. The results of the survey will be discussed within the school with a view to putting any changes (if any are required) in September. What we can say is that we have only had 28 responses out of a potential 74. The survey is still open if parents wish to have an input.


The survey was sent in an email to all Year 5 and 6 parents before half term, or you can access it here.



Comment: I love the homework that is now being given to year 5.  If  a question is answered incorrectly does a child get support and feed back to understand how to answer the question correctly. 

Response: Thank you for the feedback regarding the Year 5 home learning trial. Once completed the worksheets are marked by the children in class under the guidance of the teacher, who explains individual questions as they mark them.