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'Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.'


'I like learning different things about other religions and beliefs' - Amelia

*Please note that we are currently in the process of reviewing and updating our curriculum progression documents - finalised versions will appear soon.*



At Princes Risborough Primary School our vision is to inspire our children to be thoughtful and inquisitive as they are LEARNING about religion, belief, values and human life.


We aim to extend their knowledge of different faiths, equipping them to answer challenging questions and to express their own ideas with sensitivity. We want them to be able to objectively select information and examples, and to give reasons for their views - always keeping in consideration the thoughts and beliefs of others. We aim for them to come to recognise the importance of BELIEVING in mutual understanding and tolerance in the context of searching for the similarities and differences both within - as well as between – religions in our multicultural society.


We hope to see that, as the children are GROWING TOGETHER, they come to value what is good, true and kind - developing our school values of perseverance, respect, possibilities and sharing.





Our curriculum design is based on the Buckinghamshire Agreed Syllabus for RE, which states its core vision as:

“We seek to ensure that all pupils in our schools develop spiritually, academically, emotionally and morally. This helps them understand themselves and others and cope with the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities of living in a rapidly changing world.” 


Curriculum content is taught in each year group at regular lesson times and during special event days over the year to provide the pupils with engaging information and learning opportunities. The input is used to support pupils in absorbing knowledge and gaining skills in their understanding of the faiths in their wider community and to develop understanding of the nature, role and significance of religion and belief in the world.


Teachers include inquiry and investigation in lessons with the use of key questioning to stimulate discussion and respectful debate. There is a strong emphasis on using this to promote growth mindset and core values across the school. An open attitude and curiosity are strongly encouraged. Learning in RE is expressed in many different ways and is reflected in other subjects like music, art, dance and language, and becomes an enriching cross-curricular experience.

Links to the wider community are made to reflect the cultural make-up of the area, with visitors from leaders of different faiths in the area and reflection on local celebrations that take place in the town and beyond.




As we develop and promote a sense of shared community…

· Pupils will learn to describe key aspects of religions and beliefs, using the areas outlined and questions provided by the framework.

· They will explore the nature, role and significance of religion and belief in the world and specifically in their own community.

· They will progressively develop key skills over the years in using and interpreting different information sources, extending their specialist vocabulary as they do so.

· They will be supported to find personal meaning, purpose and value in their lives.

· They will learn to formulate opinions and handle controversial issues in order to discuss different beliefs and backgrounds.

· Pupils will ultimately learn to celebrate diversity and leave Princes Risborough Primary School recognising what we hold in common, respecting shared human values, while maintaining their own faith and beliefs.


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