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Year 5 Blog 2023-24

12th January 2024

In PE, Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed continuing to learn the rules to play dodgeball (one of their favourite PE lessons!). They have worked well in teams to play the game and support each other by protecting each other from the dodgeball! The children have learnt to build their resilience and the importance of good sportsmanship.


English: for our suspense genre, we listened to ‘Goosebumps Revenge of the Dummy’ and role played the ending which ended on a cliffhanger. Then we went into the Snug where the lights were out and eerie music was being played; the children had to put their hands in play bags to guess what was inside! It could have been anything from baked beans to shampoo to cooked pasta! This gave the children the experience of suspense and a building up of the unknown.

8th December 2023


This week in year 5 PC Justice visited us; It was Myles’ birthday and the treats he had bought in disappeared!! Mrs Ghaffar Called PC Justice (AKA Mrs Ghaffar in a cunning disguise!) to investigate. The class carried out an investigation and worked out that Miss Shaw had in fact taken the birthday treats! As Miss Shaw apologised and she had not eaten any she was given a formal pardon. The children then worked in small groups to make a newsreel of the day’s events.


In Science, the children have been learning about forces. After learning about gravity and air resistance the children learnt about water resistance. Their key question was – does the shape of an object affect water resistance? In small groups, the children used the same amount of clay to make three different shapes. They thought carefully about what they had learnt during the lesson and which shapes might be the least resistant. They then dropped their shape into a bucket of water and timed how long it took to hit the bottom of the bucket. The children found out that streamlined shapes are the least resistant and therefore travelled to the bottom the quickest.

15th November 2023

The Year 5-6's enjoyed their Art Club and had a go at drawing the second half of their own face, in portrait club. They have really taken on the challenge and shown such great skill and determination to succeed. Their perspective and proportion have developed, and you can see their detailing using shading and tone to add depth to their drawing too. 

22nd September 2023

In Science, year 5 continued their Earth and Space Topic. After learning about the heliocentric model of the solar system and comparing it to the earlier geocentric model, the children worked in groups to create a papier mâché planet from the solar system. They thought about the size of the planet, where it is in relation to the sun and the colours they would need to choose when painting it next lesson.  


In  Guided Reading the children have been enjoying reading our book for this term; Wolf Brother. This week, they re-read the second chapter of the book and then used their VIPERS skills to answer retrieval questions about the text. They located the relevant information and copied their answers on a whiteboard with their partner.   


In RE, the children learned about the Jewish pilgrimage to the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Here, people leave a prayer or intention inside the cracks of the wall. The children thought about their own prayers and intentions and shared them as a class. After, they wrote their own prayer on a piece of scroll paper.

8th September 2023