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'Science knows no country because knowledge belongs to humanity and is the torch which illuminates the world.'

Louis Pasteur

'My favourite lesson is Science because I love asking questions' - Aaralyn

*Please note that we are currently in the process of reviewing and updating our curriculum progression documents - finalised versions will appear soon.*



At Princes Risborough Primary School, we want our children to learn, believe and grow together. Our science curriculum enables us to excite and motivate learners; curiosity is encouraged and celebrated and we want to inspire children to question, explore and develop an understanding of the world around them.


We want our children to thrive in challenge, push the boundaries and maybe even consider a STEM career beyond their education. It is our intent to impart a lifelong love of science within our children, an appreciation of how science has changed our lives and an understanding that it is vital for prosperity in the future.


Our science curriculum inspires children to learn through their mistakes, it allows them to take the lead in scientific enquiry and discover their role, impact and place within our environment. We challenge our children to explain their understanding, justify their predictions, make observations and draw conclusions from their own scientific knowledge, as well as investigating questions and finding answers.


We want to see our children develop into confident, articulate and inquisitive learners. This is achieved through our coverage of the science curriculum, our use of scientific vocabulary and children’s discovery of both practical enquires and the study of scientists across the disciplines: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.





At Princes Risborough Primary School our enthusiasm for science is shown through our weekly science lessons, which encompass all of the individual topic areas and curriculum objectives within each year group, as well as weaving scientific thinking throughout with questioning, experimentation, and exploration across this range of topics. We follow the Developing Experts scheme in all our science lessons to ensure a progression of skills and knowledge across the school. This scheme provides consistency to explore prior learning, current expectations and connections to the real world. We endeavour to make cross-curricular links with other subjects, and encourage scientific opportunities beyond classroom lessons, including school trips, after-school clubs and a STEM week, all of which are designed to be educational and aspirational.





Pupils at Princes Risborough Primary School look forward to and enjoy their science lessons, led by teachers who are engaged and enthused to deliver the subject across the breadth of the curriculum.

We aim for and expect children to leave Year 6 with both subject knowledge and critical scientific thinking skills which allow them to continue their learning and exploration of science at secondary school and further deepen their enthusiasm for the subject.

Above all, we wish to allow all children to develop an interest and passion for science which burns brightly during their time at our school and in their future journeys beyond their primary school years.

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