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Year 3 Blog 2023-24

22nd September 2023


This week in Art and Design, Year 3 had a go at frottage. We replicated some of the texture rubbings of Max Ernst's work to create a nature-inspired piece of artwork inspired by that of botanical artist Maud Purdy. We went outside to create some natural rubbings using pencil and crayon and then came back to the classroom to tear our rubbings into the elements of our artwork. Here you can you see the stages through a collage of their incredible work.


The children also loved bringing in their favourite books to activate understanding of Sacred Texts in Religious Education. They had the opportunity to share their best bits and why they had chosen their book as their favourite. It was great to hear them sharing and discussing literature both fictional and non-fiction. Many suggested that it was the importance of how they obtained their book (a family member purchasing for a birthday, given as a present or found in a charity shop as a hidden gem). They also remarked on the plot and characters and the impact the stories have on their lives. All of this is a good foundation for why sacred texts are important in religion. We will begin to delve deeper in the coming weeks. 

15th September - Growth Mindset and Team Building activity

8th September 2023


Year 3 started the week with a creative piece of writing. They selected a photograph and wrote about it into their handwriting books. Their descriptions were lovely! What a great way to start the Year. 


In history we were looking at timelines and worked hard to generate our own positioning the key events in the right places. They also tackled the challenge of unrolling their very own tissue timeline and had to estimate were palaeolithic time started around 2.5million BC. 


In English we looked at an extract taken from a book describing the setting of Dewbelle we then used our retrieval skills to create the image built up in our minds. Here is a lovely example showcasing the chalet, Mistfall Mountain and the edge of the pine forest. 


In mathematics we have been learning about place value and use base 10 or dienes to create these numbers. Here you can see a group on the carpet exploring these representations.


This week Year 3 also had the opportunity to make bread. They mixed the packet with water and left it to rise overnight. The next morning they moulded it into their shapes and baked it to take home as a tasty treat.