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Year 4 Blog 2023-24

24th November 2023

During the last two weeks, year 4 have been multiplying and dividing by various numbers and finding their fact families. They have used a range of resources and techniques to aide them in their understanding. We have been learning how to find short cuts to recalling multiples and practiced multiplying by 2-digit numbers. Mrs Sealy has been so impressed with their attitude to learning and trying out challenges to show depth of understanding, in each lesson. 


In English, we have explored the toolkit required for effectively writing about a character's description and applied it in our writing so that it is coherent and implies how a character is feeling rather than stating it. The ideas that they shared were very creative and they understood how the choice of vocabulary can be effective in creating an atmosphere for the reader. 


As a cross curricular link, in Guided Reading, the children wrote a letter in response to a character, using a range of evidence from the text. We hope you enjoy reading what they wrote!

9th November 2023

These last two weeks, year 4 have experienced some amazing exploratory learning and truly enjoyed it. 


To begin our Geography unit about rainforests, we watched some videos about rainforests around the world. Further asking questions to revisit by then end of the topic to analyse how much we have learned. Children then designed and made their own versions of what they thought a rainforest was like. 


Linking both Science and Geography, we contextualised our learning of adaptations of animals and plants inside a rainforest by visiting 'The Living Rainforest.' Year 4 really made the most of the visit, asking questions and sharing their previous knowledge with each other. It was an extremely enriching experience. 

29th September 2023


This week, year 4 have been exploring a scene in our text 'The Firework Makers Daughter.' We discussed our understanding of vocabulary and the actions of the characters in the book. The children thoroughly enjoyed taking on the role of each character and how the choice of  language in the book impacts the reader. 


During Art this term, we have been looking at creating effect through use of different mediums and shading. The children then had the opportunity to express their artistic flares further through creating pictures, by adapting their form, using scissors. This is to be followed with replicating that image in wax crayon images. They have done an incredible job with their work.