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Y2 Blog 2023-24

22nd March 2024

This week in English we have been looking at the how to use the correct punctuation when writing speech. The children have tried to use a range of words other than ‘said’ to help improve their sentences.


In Maths we are finishing our topic on fractions. The children have become much more confident at using our stem sentences for the lesson to help them explain how they know the answer. We have been focussing on using some key vocabulary in our work such as numerator, denominator and equal groups.

23rd February 2024

In English Year 2 have loved writing their own suspense stories. They have created their own scary settings by drawing pictures and coming up with adjectives and similes to describe it. The children have created some creepy characters including the mysterious monster, the scary skeleton and the wicked witch. Here are some of the children with their work!


In Science we have been investigating different materials and looking at their properties. We tested which material would be most suitable for making a bridge and then experimented to find out how stretchy each material was.

30th January 2024

Year 2 enjoyed their trip to the Roald Dahl Museum in Great Missenden today!

We walked up to St Peter and St Paul's church to see Roald Dahl's grave, catching a glimpse of the BFG's footsteps leading up to it!


We then enjoyed some activities at the museum - we explored the galleries, learning about Roald Dahl's life, writing career and some of his famous characters. We completed some activities linked to the photographs that he took, the way he wrote his stories and the ingenious uses he gave to everyday objects (think the great glass elevator as a rocket ship!).


In the afternoon we took part in a collaborative workshop to learn how Roald Dahl worked with his illustrator, Quentin Blake, to create so many much loved characters and books!

12th January 2024

This week in Maths we have started our new topic of multiplication and division. The children explored what equal and unequal groups are and then used equal group drawings to calculate repeated addition calculations. They enjoyed using chalk on the playground to show their working out.


In English we have been changing our text map to make a diary entry from George’s Marvellous Medicine. The children enjoyed coming up with adjectives to describe Grandma and sharing their ideas of what George might do to get his revenge! This week the children have planned their own diary entry to include a disaster that has happened in their day.

15th December 2023

Year 2 have been working so hard at learning their lines and practising the songs for this year's performance: Boogie Woogie Nativity. The children loved dressing up in their costumes and enjoyed performing to their families this week! Well done Year 2!

24th November 2023

In English this week we have been adapting our text map to write a character description of a zebra. The children started by researching about where a zebra lives, what it eats and some fun facts. We then used circle planning to look more closely at different parts of a zebra and came up with some adjectives to describe each part. As a class we then generated lots of verbs and adverbs to describe how a zebra could move. The children then turned these into some brilliant sentences.


In Maths we have started a new topic of shape. The children enjoyed describing different shapes to their partners, thinking about whether they were 2D or 3D and how many sides they have. We then drew some shapes on the playground to help us to explore the number of sides each shape has.

20th October 2023

This week in English, year 2 have enjoyed creating their own creatures and thinking about what they might eat, their appearance and where it lives. The children are starting to plan for their ‘hot write’ which will be an information text about their creature.

In history, we are coming to the end of our topic – how was school different in the past? We have ordered photos of classrooms on a timeline and looked in detail about similarities and differences between school now and school in the past.

Y2 trip to Whipsnade 26/09/23

Year 2 had a fantastic trip to Whipsnade Zoo this week! We had a talk about habitats from one of the zoo's Educators, learning about which animals live in different habitats - like the savannah, the rainforest, the tundra - and why! We then explored the zoo and saw lots of different animals including bears, penguins, giraffes, chimpanzees, rhinos, hippos, a cheetah and a pair of sleeping aardvarks! 

15th September 2023


In Maths this week our topic has been Place Value. The children started by making 2-digit numbers using Dienes and a place value grid. They were then exploring how to partition a number into tens and ones using a part-whole model. The children have done some brilliant work in their books and are beginning to explain how they know their answers are correct.

In English, we have started learning our text map for The Enchanted Forest. The children used their imaginations to draw a picture of what the forest looks like and came up with some great expanded noun phrases to describe what they could see. We spent some time learning what a simile is and were able to come up with some great examples as a class.