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Hello, my name is Carrie Priestnall and I am the Family Liaison Officer here at school.

Teaching and working with children has always been my passion whether it has been a paid or a voluntary role in the community. Since my children were in Year 1, I have worked in a number of different schools in a variety of positions.


My role:


My main role is to support the parents, carers and families here at Princes Risborough Primary, encouraging a positive home-school link. I will help you and school to work together in supporting your family and your child/children so they can achieve their full potential in all aspects of school and home life.


I work with children on a 1:1 basis as well as groups. I am here to help the child work through anything that may be worrying them which in turn could lead to a barrier that impedes on their own learning journey.


I am here to help with any difficulties - however big or small that you may have. If you have a worry or concern feel free to come and chat to me and I will do my best to support you.


Princes Risborough Primary School believes that early help builds strong families, we are therefore here to support families who may require help from other agencies by working together through an Early Help Assessment. This is a tool which identifies areas of need, and looks at who can support the family so they can work together as soon as a problem begins to emerge and prevent problems from escalating.


Where to find me:


Mrs Priestnall is based in school from 8.30am – 4.30pm, every day apart from Tuesday. You can contact her on 01844 345251 or via



Hello, I’m Lou Goldsmith and I am an LSA here at Princes Risborough Primary and have been a part of the school team for 15 years. During this time, I have developed a passion for nurturing the children’s young minds and supporting them on their learning journey.


My Role:


My role is to support children in school in the classroom as well as in a nurture group setting. I help children with their social and emotional health including their worries and any problems that they may have, such as friendships. I run the 'Snug' nurture room and nurture groups most afternoons each week. 



Where to find me:


Miss Goldsmith is based in school from 8.30am – 3pm, every day. You can contact her on 01844 345251 or via