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School Travel Plan

School Travel Plans (STP) are developed, maintained and monitored by the whole school community, to promote and facilitate sustainable travel for the school journey. An STP sets out practical initiatives and measures to encourage active, healthy, safe and sustainable travel as an alternative to single occupancy car use. Increasing sustainable travel helps to reduce congestion and pollution, as well as improving the health and fitness of children and young people. These are just a few of the many benefits of an active STP.


At Princes Risborough Primary School, we would like to reduce the number of children travelling to and from school by car as we know traffic and parking around the school is a huge concern.


We actively encourage our pupils and staff to walk, scoot or cycle to school as this:

  • keeps us fit and healthy
  • helps our pupils develop road safety skills which will keep them safe as they travel further afield and more independently
  • helps keep our local air clean, and our streets free from congestion
  • encourages life skills that everyone should be able to benefit from


Where a car must be used we ask parents to drive only part of the way, and drop their child(ren) off away from the school so that some of the journey can be walked or scooted. Parking is very restricted around the immediate school site. We ask that parents/carers do not use the staff car park and that visitors refrain from doing so where possible. Please be considerate to our local residents when parking nearby to the school.


If this is something you would be interested in working with us on as a school community, please let us know by emailing the school office on; we would be delighted to hear from you!


Further information on STPs can be found here:  -

Buckinghamshire Council is encouraging students to walk, scoot, cycle or travel by public transport when they go back to school in the coming days.

Lockdown helped to show us all the benefits of getting out and walking or cycling by keeping us fit and aiding our mental health. Combine this with students doing their bit to support the environment and helping to reduce congestion and improve road safety round their schools, the message is clear – walk, cycle, scoot or catch public transport to school.


“Walking, cycling or scooting to school is great for health, socialising and for the environment,” said Steven Broadbent, Cabinet Member for Transport.

Steve explained that “parents driving children to school are one of the main contributors to localised congestion and road safety issues around schools and so – where possible – I’d encourage students to put their best foot forward and walk, bike, scooter or take the bus or train to school.”


Over 50 schools in Buckinghamshire have active school travel plans and many more take part in the WOW tracker programme that rewards children for travelling by more sustainable travel modes.



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