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Welcome to the Summer Reading Challenge! 


This is how it works ...
In Reception and KS1, your challenge is to read as many different books as you can this term!  Children have made themselves a sea creature, which will be their character for the challenge. You start at the bottom of the ocean.

  • You will be given a special reading record and every time you read a different book, ask your parents to write it down and sign that you have read it.
  • Once you have read 5 books, you will receive a special sticker and a shout out in assembly, and be moved up to the middle part of the ocean.
  • Read 10 more books (so 15 in total) to receive a bookmark and be moved to the top of the ocean.
  • After 25 books you will receive a Super Reader Certificate and take your place in the ‘Reading Champions’ hot air balloon.
  • If you want to you can then start the challenge again!

Every week the librarians will be collecting up the names of all the children who have read 5, 15 or 25 books and also the TOTAL number of books read in your class that week. Your class arrow will be moved up for every book read! At the end of term, the class who have read the most books IN TOTAL will win themselves a games afternoon – and maybe even an ice cream!!


In KS2 the challenge works in the same way, but this time we want you to record the NUMBER OF PAGES you have read each week. 100 pages wins you a sticker, 250 pages wins you a bookmark and 500 pages gets you a Super Reader Certificate and you can take your place in the ‘Reading Champions’ hot air balloon. You can then re-start the challenge it you’d like to! The more you read, the more chance of your class winning!


At the end of term the class who have read the most pages between them, will win a games afternoon and ice cream!! Teachers and TAs will also be taking part, so make sure you encourage them too!


We hope you have fun with your reading this term!! If you would like any recommendations about what to read, you could ask your Class Teacher – or ask us! 


Have fun and Happy Reading!

The Y6 Librarians smiley